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After completing 4-year education in Ankara Mehmet Rüfltü Uzel Chemistry Technical High School in 1989, I entered the Ankara University, the Faculty of Agriculture, the Department of Food Science and Technology. After graduating from this department in 1993, I began to the master program in the Food Engineering, the Chair of Microbiology. I graduated as Senior Food Engineer in 1997. After executing the duties of Quality Control Directorate, Operating Directorate, Factory Directorate and General Directorate in various food companies since 1994, I started the production of fl our additives and quality control devices by establishing Bastak G›da Makine Medikal Paz.ith.ihr.San.Tic. Ltd. fiti. in 1999. To be the leader in this matter that is rather difficult and sensitive and to comply with the innovations of the age have become our only target. The fundamental principle of our Company is the satisfaction of the client. For this purpose, all investments are made for new technologies.Our Company takes its part in domestic and foreign fairs as participator and visitor in order to follow the developments in the world every year and introduce its own innovations. Our Company expanded its targets by establishing the Foreign Trade Department in 2003 and began to export. Our Company is aware that the only way to be able to exist in the World market developing and globalizing is to produce standard and high quality products. For this reason, our Company gives great importance to R&D studies.