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Bastak brand and its model is 1650.

Known as Crushing mill or Disc Mill.

It is a laboratory type disc mill (Grinder).

Disc mill is designed for grain moisture analysis.

Also can be used for NIR tests.

It is used to prepare sample by milling the whole grain sample into smaller particles.

Suitable for wheat, corn, barley, rye and many other grains and oilseeds.

Also is can grind Pasta, Macaroni, Chips, etc…
Perfect for sample preparation in order to make moisture analyses in drying oven.
The sample particle size can be adjusted by easily.

Sample size can be adjusted between 0.2-15 mm.
prevent moisture loss during grinding.

Designed for reducing the noise sound to the minimum while working.
No sieving process is applied so milled products are collected in full portion without separation of cores and flour. The whole sample is collected in the same collection tray.

The grinding capacity is 50–100 gr/1 minutes depending on the product density.

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Disk Laboratory Mill 1650