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The device is Bastak branded and its model is 2500.
The dry gluten apparatus is used in finding the final and net dry gluten values of the samples of flour and wheat.
Especially, the values of the dry gluten may be different although the wet gluten values of various wheat and flours having different water absorption are same.
The device is controlled by a microprocessor.
There are 3 warning lights on the control panel, being power, test on and test off.
There is a thermostat warning light on the device.
The device automatically adjusts to 150 oC that is the operating temperature.
When the device reaches to 150 oC, the thermostat warning light turns off.
The device automatically stops at the end of the testing period of 4 minutes and gives out a visual and audible warning.
The heating surfaces are coated with Teflon in order to prevent the samples from adhering. There is a cover lock.
The outside dimensions of the device are 250x90x200 mm and its net weight is 1,7 kg.

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