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Gluten Washer Bastak brand and its model is 6000.
It is used to determine the amount of wet gluten in wheat and flour samples by extracting wet gluten.
The amount of wet gluten in 2 samples can be determined concurrently.
The device is fully automatic.
The device can also test a whole meal.
On the device, there is a “mix” light that is on during the kneading periods and “wash” light that is on during washing periods.
Moreover, there are "start/stop", "pause" and "reset" buttons.
The outside dimensions of the device are 320x300x320 mm and its net weight is 23kg. 

Mechanical Determination of the Wet Gluten Content of Wheat Flour (Perten Glutomatic)

Methods Type:  Generic Methods

Number:  137/1 Analyte:  Wet Gluten Content (Perten Glutomatic) Matrix:  Wheat Flour Year of Approval:  1982 Year of Last Revision:  1994 Scope: This international standard specifies a method for the mechanical determination of the wet gluten content of wheat flour. This method is applicable to different wheat flours (commercial and experimental flours) but not to wheatmeal. Principle: A dough is prepared from a flour sample by adding a buffered sodium chloride solution; the wet gluten is isolated by washing this dough with sodium chloride solution. The residual water adherent to the gluten is removed by centrifugation and the remainder weighed.


Wet gluten in wheat flour is a plastic-elastic substance consisting of gliadin and glutenin and obtained by the method specified in this international standard.

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Gluten Washer 6000 | Glutomatic