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  • The device is Bastak branded and its model is 10 000 - 10100 - 10200.

  • The device, by means of powerful vacuum engine that it has, stores grains such as wheat, barley, paddy, rye and oat as well as heavy products such as corn, bean and chickpea pneumatically (by vacuum) in 2-6 seconds into the sample collection container which is at the laboratory.

  • Sample amount can be monitored by means of the sample collection container that has a transparent window on it, and if required, sampling amount can be adjusted.

  • Oscillation amount of its powerful and heavy frame is reduced much by means of 4 support sheets of 120 cm.

  • Sampling boom of the device can extend up to double hydraulically.

  • In this way, the device can scan a field of 8 meters in total as being 4 meters on its right side and 4 meters on its left side.

  • The sampling probe can move 120 degrees to the right and 120 degrees to the left, totalling 240degrees.

  • The probe of sampler is 2 m.

  • The device makes right, left, up, down, forward and back movements hydraulically.

  • Compared to electrical systems, the device is much more powerful, fast, silent and long-lived.

  • Outside dimensions of the device are 75x75x400 cm.