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The device is Bastak branded and its model is 3100.

It is used in determining the bread quality and sunn pest destruction of the samples of wheat and flour.

It constitutes desired wheat mixture sedimentation and delayed sedimentation values at the factory.

The device has graphic LCD screen. There are 5-digit (3 digits for minutes, 2 digits for seconds) 6 separate timers in total on the screen.

Every timer has a led (light) in order to follow the active timers and it gives light during the operation of the timer

The device automatically stops at the end of the period of 5 minutes that is the operating period of the device and gives



The remaining testing period can be seen on the screen during the operation.

The ambient temperature during testing can be monitored from the screen of the device.

The device automatically adjusts to 40 revolution/minute that is the world standard whatever the mains voltage is and displays the operating revolution on its screen.

The outside dimensions of the device are 460x220x350 mm and its net weight is 8 kg.

As ICC: International Association for Cereal Science And Technology:

Determination of the Sedimentation Value (according to Zeleny) as an Approximate Measure of Baking Quality Methods Type

Generic Methods

Number:  116/1

Analyte:  Sedimentation Value (Zeleny)

Matrix:  Wheat flour

Year of Approval:  1972

Year of Last Revision:  1994

Scope: Applicable to wheat flour. 

Principle:  Swelling of the gluten fraction of flour in lactic acid solution affects the rate of sedimentation of a flour suspension in the lactic acid medium. Higher gluten content and better gluten quality both give rise to slower sedimentation and higher Sedimentation Test values.


The degree of sedimentation of a flour suspended in a lactic acid solution during a standard time interval is taken as a measure of baking quality.Refrence

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Sedimentation 3100 | Zeleny