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The device is Bastak branded and its model is 1800.

It is a laboratory type hammer mill.

It is used to pulverize as a whole the grains which are in the size of wheat, barley and rye. For coarse grains such as corn and the oil seeds,pulverization is performed after dividing them into several pieces by clashing them to the sieve.

Dust samples in the size of approximately a flour particle are obtained.

The device is especially used in sample preparation for protein, cellulose, fat, gluten, falling number and other analyses.

The standard sieve hole diameter used in the device is 0.8 mm. 

The hole diameter of the sieve can be modified optionally. 

In this way, the particle size of the sample to be ground can be adjusted. 

There is no moisture loss during grinding. 

In the ground products, the crust and the interior of the seed (for example: flour and bran in wheat) are collected into the same collection container. 

The grinding capacity is 50 – 100 gr/1 minute depending on the product density. 

The outside dimensions of the device are 420x270x270 mm and its net weight is 9 kg.

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Hammer Mill 1800 | Laboratory Mill