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People, animals, plants and our planet... these are more important to us than profit. This seemingly simple principle is the foundation on which Bastak Laboratories is built. For 24 years, it is the philosophy that has guided us every day and continues to grow. In these unprecedented times, as communities around the world grapple with global warming, disasters and pandemics, this statement continues to be our guide.
At the end of the day, sustainable quality of life is highly dependent on how we care for our planet: how we tend our watersheds; how we nurture our land, water and air; how we grow and distribute wealth, the food we eat and the plants we love. That's why we are committed to sharing in all our products, to rigorous quality testing, to investing in renewable energy - solar - and to supporting our farmers and village women through cooperatives that share their lives with us and provide us with the best raw materials and products. This is why we were awarded Turkey's first ICC Certificate in 2021. In 2019, we are still the first and only R&D Center in our sector and we are working hard for this. 
At Bastak Laboratories, we act based on the fundamental belief that it is our honor and responsibility to strive for excellence as people and as a company. We strive to live by ethical principles and always put ourselves on the path of emergence, growth and learning in our ever-changing world. We also know that we are in the best position to do so when our feet are rooted in the ancient traditions that people have lived by for centuries. The beginning of the milling process has been identified centuries ago at Gobeklitepe, known as the ground zero of history. The homeland of wheat was Şanlıurfa in Mesopotamia and many grain goddesses were recognized and depicted on cylinder seals. In Mesopotamia, there is ample evidence of a rich variety of breads, and evidence of bread wheat dating back 9,000 years in Çatalhöyük. Göbeklitepe, known as the zero point of history, was identified as the center of grinding.  It has been observed that the first grinding technology was used in Göbeklitepe in Şanlıurfa, Mesopotamia, 12,000 years ago during the hunting and gathering period of human beings, when they collected wild wheat and barley varieties and ground them with grinding stones. Bastak company produces roller, hammer and burn mills with 8 different mill types. It is the only manufacturer in the world with such a wide range of mills. With these different types of mills; physical, chemical, microbiological, physicochemical, photochemical, rheological and organoleptic tests, especially moisture, can be performed.

Zeki Demirtaşoğlu