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Solutions and Applications

Welcome to the Solutions and Applications Service!
 Authorized Classifier and Accredited Laboratory

  Authorized Classifiers are laboratories operated by natural and legal persons that analyze agricultural products, determine the quality and characteristics of the product, classify them in accordance with standards and certify these issues, by obtaining a license within the scope of Law No. 5300. Expert Laboratory, one of the Bastak Group Companies, is the first and only accredited laboratory in Turkey and the first and largest authorized and accredited classifier laboratory in Turkey. With its 83 laboratories and 175 expert engineer staff, it carries out 300,000 tests annually throughout the country. Our company, with its expert engineer staff, meticulously classifies 3 million tons of grains, oilseeds and legumes on behalf of the Republic of Turkey.

Our International Articles and Publications
We care about science, education and innovation for each of our colleagues, customers and stakeholders in the sector, so we lead sectoral and academic research with our expert staff connected with the academy.

Our Technical Service Support
We are a pioneer in the world in on-site warranty and technical service support.
Bastak Instruments, after the completion of the sales process, with an international technical service team specialized in the transportation, delivery, assembly, demonstration of the use of the purchased product, maintenance, repair and spare parts, dealing with customer complaints, 6 days a week, in 6 different languages TR / EN / SP / We continue to stand by our customers by providing FR / RU / ARABIC technical support.

After Sales Customer Service

  With more than 265 employees, we provide free laboratory feasibility and technical solutions for your company to help our customers make an impact on the World.
We provide consultancy services.
By providing fast delivery of economical spare parts and consumables supplied for 10 years to all over the world, we increase forward-looking innovations and efficiency to the highest level.

Our Video Library
We create a unique customer experience with our free and online seminars, factory tours, analysis method instruction training and product usage videos.

Turkey's first and only R&D Center in its field
In the R&D Center, we work in cooperation with universities and R&D organizations on projects that perfect the quality and production processes of our new generation technology devices. Technologies produced in our R&D center are protected by patent applications. We contribute to the dissemination of knowledge through scientific publications.
At Bastak Instruments, we lead scientific studies and technologies to realize an effective, efficient and innovative World.