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Absograph 500

Absograph 500
Absograph 500
Absograph 500
Absograph 500
Absograph 500
Absograph 500
Absograph 500
Absograph 500
Absograph 500
Absograph 500
Absograph 500
Absograph 500
Absograph 500
Absograph 500
Absograph 500
Absograph 500
Resistance to Corrosion YES
Scratch Resistant Special Static Paint YES
SMPS Power Supply (voltage variations) YES
Dough Mixing Capacity 50 g, 300 g or 50 Sem
Reality (Mass Representation) High
Colour Touch Screen YES
Test Result ISO, TSE,ICC..
Storing Test Data YES
Saving Results to Flash Disk Via USB YES
Connection via ethernet and USB YES
Storing Test Data Pdf YES
Automatic Safety Control YES
Corrected Result YES
Sensitive Measurement YES
Test Repeability YES
Standard Test Temperature YES
Software Update With Remote Connection YES
Revolutıon Period Time 63 Rpm
USB Connection 3
Water Absorption: It is one of the most widely used and accepted absogram measurements. It is the amount of water that the flour will remove and given during drawing (%).
Growth Time: The time elapsed between the first addition of water and the growth This value is also called the "Mixing Time".
Stability Time: It is defined as the difference between the time from the highest point to the lowest point. It is defined as the point where the absogram curve first cuts the 500-AU line and the top of the curve leaves the 500-AU line.
Degree of softening: It is the distance of the middle of the curve to the 500 consistency line after 12 minutes from the peak of the curve. Absograph quality index: Defines the lengths along the timeline from the beginning of the water addition to the point where the center of the curve is 30 AU lower than the development time.
The higher the arrival time, development time and stability of the analyzed sample, the stronger the flour. The higher the softening degree and kneading tolerance number, the weaker the flour.

   Optimize your dough, let the cash flow!
- Daily flour consumption 60 t
- The price of bread in Turkey is approximately USD 2 per kg
- 0.5 [%] higher water absorption with Absograph® tests
- For example, instead of 57% you get 57.5%
- 60,000 kg flour = 300 kg more dough
- Cooking loss approx. 15% = 45 kg
- 255 more bakery products / bread
- USD 510 per day
- 153,000 USD after 300 days
- 230 M Lira

Absograph 500
With Bastak Brand Absograph 500 devices, rheological properties of dough and rheological behavior of dough, which is one of the critical parameters to reveal the baking value of flour; high repeatability,
With its high accuracy, ease of use, remote software update features, it can be determined directly by international standards and its effect on the final product quality.
- It gives information about whether the flour is suitable for bread, pasta, biscuits.
-It has a touchable screen, it has a built-in computer system, it saves the data.
-Can be used with mouse and keypad if desired.
It has RS232 and Ethernet connection ports.
-Software can be updated by remote connection
-Conforms to world standards.
It has a standard 300 gr dough mixing capacity.
-Able to save results as PDF File
-Test data can be transferred and printed via USB, Flash memory
-Does not require a separate computer and screen
- Compatible with BASTAK Resistograph, collects all test data together
- It is designed and manufactured to be easy to clean.
- The temperature of the dough mixing bowl can be adjusted

Determination of the rheological properties of the dough Dough rheology, which covers the flow and deformation of the dough, is based on the principle of measuring the force that occurs by applying deformation or tension to the dough for a certain period of time in a controlled manner. Dough rheology analysis; It is indispensable in the food industry as it provides important information about determining the difference between the quality of flours, choosing the appropriate raw material, and determining the changes that occur in the dough during fermentation.
Highlights Ergonomic design and touch screen, easy to use, remote software support, saving test results as PDF, saving and printing results to Flash Disk via USB, no need for computer and screen, troublesome cleaning during testing
It offers a unique analysis experience to the user with its easy-to-clean features designed with the stage in mind.
Working principle; The flour analyzed with Bastak Brand Absograph 500 Device based on the principle of measuring the force on the device blades depending on the fluidity of the dough and transferring this effect to the touch screen as graphics and data; water absorption, stabilization, softening
value and development time are determined in accordance with world standards, and its suitability for bread and other products is determined and transferred to the graphic.
Scope of application; With Bastak Brand Absograph 500 device, one of the critical parameters for revealing the rheological properties of the dough and the baking value of the flour; water absorption, stabilization, softening value and development time are determined.
Bastak Brand 500 model Absograph device is used in thousands of flour, bread, pasta, biscuit, grain industry manufacturers, universities, research industries and grain quality control analysis laboratories around the world in more than 150 countries.

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